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Jan 9, 2013 7:00pm PST
and this will be moving into mid-mississippi valley. this rain could be beneficial from the ongoing drought condition in the mid-mississippi valley. the level is the fourth lowest in history. temperatures are warm. atlanta 18 degrees. oklahoma city 12. here denver, 13 degrees. quite warm there. you're going be seeing a roller coaster ride this week down to about minus 9 for your high. here is your extended forecast. >>> one more story. a male panda has opinibeen matc with a new female friend. the 6-year-old panda arrived on wednesday at the zoo. he's on lease. japanese animal handlers are hoping to help them breed through cross over match making between zoos. at his new home he's expected to mate with a 12-year-old who has failed to bear offspring with her 10-year-old mate. >> translator: she's reaching the reproductive age limit. i hope she can breed successfully this year. >> the mating season is from january to march. the zoo plans to introduce the new couple to the public in mid-january at the earliest. that's all for this edition of "newsline." thanks for joining us.
Jan 30, 2013 7:00pm PST
. the central and south eastern u.s. have been hit by severe storms. tornadoes ripped through mississippi, indiana and tennessee killing one person. buildings and homes were severely damaged. in indianapolis crews are still trying to secure down power lines after the storm moved through the area. the residents along the eastern seaboard is on alert for tornadoes at this moment. further tornado is likely and torrential rain as well. by thursday morning things will be letting up. rain will be letting up. nice calm conditions should return. south eastern canada will remain unsettled throughout thursday. back behind it because of a strong northwesterly winds snow is falling around the great lakes region up to 35 centimeters is likely into the next 24 hours. more heavy snow is falling in the knnorthwest. ahead of the area very dry but very windy and very chilly. we have wind chill warnings and advisories posted. with the wind chill factors you feel like minus 15 degrees or so. temperatures are as follows, very chilly minus 21 degrees for winnipeg and minus 8 degrees in chicago. the cold air wi
Jan 28, 2013 7:00pm PST
there will be severe weather in oklahoma tonight. the threat will also spread to the southern parts of the mississippi river valley and parts of texas within the next 24 hours. we talked about bone chilling temperatures across the east last week. conditions are changing. you can see the jet stream moving further up toward warmer air to flow in from the south. temperatures are cooling down across the rest of the u.s. this is your forecast high for the next three days. new york city, 14 degrees expected on your wednesday. 19 in washington, d.c. on the same day. chicago 17 on tuesday. it will plummet to 3 on wednesday and go down to minus 7, so you may want to bundle up once again. finally in europe a massive storm system as strong as a hurricane is still with you. you can see the isobars are close to each other meaning strong winds are blowing. we have reports of 90 kilometers of wind. southwest in england and wales you'll be dealing with rainfall in the next 24 hours. temperatures are going to be very mild across the west. 13 in london and 12 degrees in paris on tuesday. here is your extended forecast.
Jan 14, 2013 7:00pm PST
have flash flood warnings, flood warnings in the lower mississippi valley. ice warnings are in place. we don't usually hear ice accumulations make traveling really dangerous or impossible. if you must travel bring flashlight, food and keep water in your vehicle. it's a roller coaster ride. with the temperatures across the denv denver, chicago, all these areas where we seen mid teens last week. chicago is back to their norm. houston down to just six. here across the mediterranean in europe thunderstorms, gusts and hail. these are going to be in store here. the british isles we'll see heavy snow. in paris we'll see scattered snow. keeping yourself in the double digits. here is the extended forecast. >> that's all for this edition of "newsline." thanks for joining us.
Jan 1, 2013 7:30am EST
. then this one moving across the lower mississippi river valley. this is bringing rain showers here. it will start to change over to snow as it works off here towards the northeast and some thunderstorm activity along the gulf coast. then across portions of appalachians where you don't want any more snow. it looks like going over the weekend more of that stuff will be coming down. travel across this area will be rough as that continues to push off to the east. in the northern plains things are remaining on the dry side. we're seeing another storm move into the pacific northwest. this will bring us snow showers into the higher elevation. main threat temperatures are cooling off. that's combining with the moist air and what that's bringing is fog across this region. if you have any plans flying out of vancouver or seattle check on the flights there as that fog could be delaying them. denver with a high of only minus 1. chicago at 1 here on your friday. let's take a look at the european continent. first the british isles. all this cloud cover is moving towards the east. what's that bri
Jan 10, 2013 7:30am EST
. that is going to move over to mississippi all along this cold front. as that pushes to the east, even a few super cells could be developing out of that. with the risk comes with that a tornado or two as that continues to cruise off here. but behind it we are watching another low pressure area. and this one here is moving across the northern rockies. that's going to bring snowfall but the big story with this one is a game changer because it will usher in the coldest temperatures of the season so far, all the way even down to portions of southern california. you're going to be seeing temperatures well below average. this is going to work its way to the east dropping temperatures below freezing, so if you are along the eastern seaboard, enjoy the warm weather for the time being because it is going to cool right off. now we'll take a look over to the british isles, you're going to see a break on your thursday. we are seeing some sunny skies move across the area, but on friday and saturday the cool air pressure is going to move in to kick up the winds and bring some heavy rainfall with any gail
Jan 17, 2013 7:30am EST
of mississippi several centimeters of accumulation. now farther north into the appalachians you're seeing upwards of 20 to 40 centimeters expected into the next 24 hours as that system just continues to push overhead. now the good news is that it's going to start to rush off there towards the east going through your friday and clearing completely out by saturday, but unfortunately cold air is going to start to seen in behind that bringing down your temperatures to atlanta. you'll be seeing below freezing temperatures. meanwhile, out to the northwest, more snow into b.c. but also some stagnant air near vancouver down there towards seattle. this is going to be creating dangerous conditions for anybody with respiratory issues as temperatures remain in the single digits. here to europe, the british isles, you're seeing clear skies for now, but into friday, specifically friday morning, some snow showers are going to kick up because of this system coming in from the west. that's bringing all sorts of moist air, but also we have this cold air that's been lingering out there toward the northeast. once th
Jan 29, 2013 7:30am EST
and northern mississippi. you could be seeing wind gusts over 100 miles an hour. hail, frequent lightning and even the risk of tornadoes. cannot rule that out at all. also that cold air that will be wrapping around, that's going to be bringing snowfall for western great lakes and dropping down these temperatures. look at winnipeg, minus 9 for you. ten-degree drop going into thursday. washington, d.c. and new york, you'll see a slight warm-up ahead of that front. warm air coming through but it will start to cool right back off once that front begins to pass by. now, here in europe, several systems we're watching. a severe one over the british isles bringings heavy rainfall, risk of flooding, gusty winds. look at the lines close together. that's indicating about 40 to 60 kilometer per hour sustained winds as it pushes overhead. behind it, though, just like in the americas, we'll see a cold air mass filter in. 13 and 12 on your high. on tuesday expect that to get down to the single digits by the end of the week for london and paris. already below the freezing mark in moscow and kiev. minus 4
Jan 30, 2013 7:30am EST
. robert? >> that's right, gene. actually across much of the lower mississippi river valley even extending off into the ohio river valley we're seeing severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings in effect due to this very strong storm system. it's really just all along this cold frontal area surging in warm air from the south and what that is doing it will be colliding with all of this cold arctic air coming in out of canada and once that collides that is where you're going to be seeing this very severe weather threat even across portions of tennessee. then over towards the carolinas you're going to be seeing that frontal area push through, bringing with it all of these destructive winds, tornadoes, ping pong size hail and then off towards the north into the great lakes, even though the rough weather is down toward the south windy conditions and heavy snow is very well likely. localized areas seeing up to 12 centimeters. behind this frontal area this cold air will be changing things up. even across the rockies. you're still seeing heavy snowfall. denver just with a high of 5. take a look at w
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)